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Pat Ritter. Books

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Re: Pat Ritter. Books

Post by patritter » Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:03 pm

'The Year That Never Was' - Page 83:

'Tell us Martha how did you meet this Daisy friend of yours?' Julia asked her friend.
Martha shared her story of first meeting Daisy at Christmas Dinner when they all gathered at 'Tilbaroo Station'. Prior to meeting her son Desi who stayed at their property. Martha's face brightened at the memories when her daughter hugged Daisy. When Martha explained Daisy cooked a goanna for Christmas Dinner, Joan placed her hand to her mouth.
'How did you ever eat Goanna?' Joan's facial features tightened in horror.
'Similar to chicken.' Martha explained. Continuing to share her story with her guests how delicious the goanna to eat. All of the other woman looked at Martha astonished to think any white person ate goanna.
'I hope they don't have goanna for lunch here.' Sarah cried.
'We'll find out.' Julia waved to a waiter who walked to their table.
'How can I help you ladies?' The waiter asked in a jovial manner.
'Have you any goanna on the menu?' Asked Julie smiling.
'No. Madam! We wouldn't have anything so disgusting.' The waiter replied unable to wonder why these distinguished ladies would want to eat goanna.
'What about porcupine?' Asked Martha looking into the waiter's eyes.
'No!' He exclaimed. 'Anything else I can help you with ladies?'
'A menu please?' Julia asked. The waiter handed Julia a menu.
'I'll return when you are ready to order.' He walked away.
'I think you scared him off Martha.' Joan admitted after the waiter left.
After reading the menu Julia raised her hand to signal the waiter to return for their order. He wrote down their orders, left without another word being spoken.
'After listening to your story about Daisy, Martha. I've decided to follow in Julia's footsteps and not let Sir Henry take advantage of me from my waistline down until they include Indigenous peoples into the 'Constitution. You have my vote.' Joan smiled.
Nat's idea is working. Martha thought to herself. A smile spread across her lips.
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Re: Pat Ritter. Books

Post by patritter » Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:50 pm

'The Year That Never Was' - Page 82:
'Anything to drink here?' Julia asked looking for a waiter to serve them.
Silence at the table.
Sir Samuel leaned toward Nat to whisper in Nat's ear. 'Can you tell your wife to leave this go so we can enjoy our meal in peace. I think she's said enough to stir the pot.' Nat nodded.
Nat leaned over to his wife, 'Please let sleeping dogs lie. This is not the time nor place to send your message. Convince their wives of your demands. These fellows are all 'Sirs'. They expect respect.' Martha's words whispered by her husband. She nodded. Her thoughts refocused.
'I will not let this go. More than one way to skin a cat.' She smiled at the group to show she received the message from her husband.
Meeting each wife on the deck of SS Australian departing Sydney Cove Martha's mood settled to enjoy sighting open ocean. 'Shall we partake of refreshments Ladies?' Joan Parkes asked her new friend Martha, who she took an instant warmth to.
'Excellent idea.' Martha expressed. Standing with the other ladies to move inside to the refreshment room.
Being settled Joan sat beside Martha whispered into her ear. 'You showed a lot of spunk to let the men understand about your idea of including Indigenous peoples into their 'Constitution'. I need to learn how you had the courage to speak up.' Joan finished.
'Don't worry about Martha, Joan. I've made my point clear to Samuel. Will be no hanky panky below the waistline until he convinces the others to concede to Martha's request.' Julia smiled, sipped her tea.
'I don't think I can go doing what you say Julia. Haven't got the courage. Whenever Henry wants that sort of thing I surrender to him, which is not too often I may add. Thank goodness.' Joan giggled.
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Re: Pat Ritter. Books

Post by patritter » Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:00 pm

'The Year That Never Was' - Page 81:

Sir Samuel nudged Nat in the side, whispered in his ear. 'You'll never catch fish without a hook.'
'You wanta bet. Our Indigenous people don't use a hook to fish. They use spears.' Nat decided to leave the subject go at this stage. His anger subsided.
'What makes you such an authority to include Indigenous peoples in our 'Constitution'?' Sir Henry asked once his nerves settled.
'Because we have friends who are Indigenous. They are more Australian than we are.' Martha broke into this conversation. Her eyes pieced Sir Henry's glaring eyes bright enough to light up the room.
'When do women have a stake in this 'Constitution'?' Sir Henry glared at Martha with a message to keep out of this argument because men would deal with this. Not women.
'Daisy Whiteman is a good friend. She is aboriginal. I will never have anyone say anything wrong about her as long as I live. You don't understand how important to have our Indigenous peoples included in this God damn what-ever-you-call-it.' Martha's sharp tongue took the wind out of Sir Henry's sails. He'd never been spoken to by anyone like this before, little wonder a woman.
Sir Samuel whispered to Nat. 'You got a hot one, my friend.' Nat smiled, took hold of his wife's hand. You haven't seen anything yet! He thought.
'Here comes Sir Edmund. You may want to discuss with him about Indigenous peoples being included into the 'Constitution'. He'll become our first Prime Minister of Australia.' Sir Henry's sharp tongue echoed through Martha's ear drums.
Sir Henry rose, shook hands with Sir Edmund nodded to his wife. 'Sir Edmund. May I introduce you to Mr Nathan Young, his wife Martha who are from Queensland to assist with the writing of the 'Constitution'.' Nat stood, shook hands with Sir Edmund. Martha stood, nodded, sat down.
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Re: Pat Ritter. Books

Post by patritter » Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:34 pm

'The Year That Never Was' - Page 80:

Chapter 11

SS Australian docked at Sydney Cove. Nat, Martha disembarked with Sir Samuel and Julia. 'We're here for two nights. You will stay with us. All accommodation is paid for. This way you can meet the remaining members of Founding Fathers. We've arranged to have dinner with them tonight.' Sir Samuel expressed in a authoritative voice. Both Nat and Martha nodded their acceptance.
Settling into their accommodation; a little apprehensive. Nat compared his last visit to Sydney Town when he first met Martha. They married, took her away from her home to south-western Queensland. His mind drifted to those times. More people on the streets now. Increase traffic to contend with. How pleased he was to be living in the richest part of Queensland; owning his properties, raising sheep, in control of his own destiny.
Sharp on eight o'clock all four met at the hotel foyer. Many powerful people filled the dining hall. All four guided to a large table escorted to their seats by waiters. A couple approached the table.
'Sir Henry.' Sir Samuel stated shaking hands with his guest. 'I have the pleasure to introduce my other guests, Nathan and Martha Young. My wife Julia.' Sir Samuel took his place across from Sir Henry. Nat shook Sir Henry's hand.
'Pleased to meet you Sir Henry. I've been told so much about you.' Nat said. Sat down beside Sir Samuel.
'Pleasure is all mine Nathan. Sir Samuel filled me in on how you are helping him draw up our 'Constitution'.' Sir Henry commented.
'Yes. We've been discussing how our Indigenous peoples should be included.' Nat wanted to have his sixpence worth before the evening progressed.
Sir Henry spluttered. 'Over my dead body.' His eyes widened, hatred glared toward Nat. They'd been introduced to one another a moment before. Not a good sign for working together.
'They've been here fifty thousand years. We invaded their land.' Nat's voice rose a level higher. People seated at his table plus nearby tables understood each word spoken.
'I don't care if they've been here for the past ten centuries. They will not be included into our 'Constitution.' Sir Henry stated in a louder voice.
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Re: Pat Ritter. Books

Post by patritter » Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:04 pm

'The Year That Never Was' - Page 79:

'May I speak to you Captain. The matter is urgent.' Lieutenant Picton asked.
'Very well. What's so urgent you need to speak to me about?' Joe seated invited his Lieutenant to take a seat opposite.
'Lieutenant Neel is returning to Pietersburg today. I want permission to return with him.'
'Any particular reason for your returning to Pietersburg?' Joe asked.
'Personal Captain. I need to leave.' Lieutenant Picton's appeal forced Joe to act swift.
'I have no issues. Inform Lieutenant Morant and Handcock you have my approval to accompany Lieutenant Neel to Pietersburg.' Joe saluted. Lieutenant Picton left the office after returning the salute.
After Lieutenant Picton left his office thoughts flashed through Joe's mind of what happened to make Lieutenant Picton want to leave on their return from a fortnight of tracking Boers. Joe contacted Lieutenant Neel to advise him of the extra soldier to accompany him to Pietersburg.

Within a couple of weeks everything appeared to be back to normal at Fort Edward. Lieutenant Morant entered Captain Gibson's office on a request to speak with the Captain.
'How can I help you Lieutenant Morant. Got itchy feet. Want to go chase more Boers.' Joe spoke with Lieutenant Morant.
'Yes Captain. I want your permission to take some of my men, patrol the area so Fort Edward won't be attacked again. I'm sorry my soldiers and I weren't here to help you the last time you were attacked.' Lieutenant Morant almost pleaded with his Captain.
'You have my permission Lieutenant Morant. Safe travelling.' Joe dispatched Lieutenant Morant aware he was up to something sinister. At this stage needed to take his word for what he was doing.

Over the next month Lieutenant Morant led his band of soldiers intercepting a group of eight prisoners being bought in under guard. His anger rose when sighting these Boers connecting his thoughts with the ones who escaped when he attacked to capture Visser. Lieutenant Morant ordered these soldiers be executed on the side of the road.
In this group a South African born German missionary Reverend Heese pleaded for his life to no avail. He pleaded with Morant to release him for he wasn't a Boer. Morant ignored his pleas. All Boers including Heese were killed. Nothing would stop Morant from taking his revenge on the death of Captain Hunt.
When the news of the death of Heese reached Fort Edward Joe's reaction became evident ordering his troops to remain in camp until the return of Lieutenant Morant. Unbeknown to Captain Gibson three armed Boer commandos were heading toward Fort Edward. Morant and his men were returning to Fort Edward when they apprehended these Boer commandos killing them.
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Re: Pat Ritter. Books

Post by patritter » Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:17 pm

'The Year That Never Was' - Page 78:

Instead of closing in with stealth, Lieutenant Morant roared an order. 'Charge men. Kill the bastards.' Breaker Morant's hot headedness alarmed the Boers who escaped. Lieutenant Morant lost the element of surprise. Most escaped accept one Boer named Visser, wounded in the ankles. They camped the night in the ravine. Visser shackled to a nearby tree with a guard overnight.
Next morning a native runner bought a message to Lieutenant Morant. Fort Edward was in danger of being attacked by the Boers. Lieutenant Morant decided to return to Fort Edward. Before leaving he ordered a firing squad to shoot Visser. When no volunteers put their hand up, Lieutenant Morant shouted, 'Lord Kitchener gave direct orders to take 'no prisoners'.' He again called for a firing party.
Some of the soldiers declined to be involved in the firing party. After being instructed by Lieutenant Morant four soldiers stepped forward. Visser made to sit down, he couldn't stand because of his wound. After being shot Visser was still alive. Lieutenant Morant ordered Lieutenant Picton, a member of 'Bushveldt Carbineers' to administer a coup-de-grace with a pistol shot to the head. Picton carried out the orders.
Instead of returning to Fort Edward 'Bushveldt Carbineers' stopped overnight at a store of a British trader, Mr Hays, who provided Morant and his soldiers with refreshments. The following morning they continued their journey to Ford Edward arriving to learn a convoy under Lieutenant Neel arrived the previous day from Pietersburg. A battle with the Boers endured with one soldier being wounded, several horses shot.
A knock to his office door startled Joe. 'Come in.' He answered. Lieutenant Picton saluted. 'How can I help you Lieutenant Picton?' Joe asked.
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Re: Pat Ritter. Books

Post by patritter » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:37 pm

'The Year That Never Was' - Page 77:

'You did the right thing Joe.' Billy admitted. 'Give them both enough rope to hang themselves. Breaker, I mean Lieutenant Morant has been like a loose cannon since the death of Captain Hunt. Many of the men are saying how Captain Hunt met his death. Not nice Joe.' Billy finished his cuppa.
'Little I can do right now. Billy like you say, give them enough rope to hang themselves. I don't trust either of them. They do what they like whenever they like. No discipline. Thanks for listening my friend. I appreciate having your trust.' Joe finished.
'That's why I'm here Joe. To keep your back. Always will.' Both shook hands in appreciation of affection for their friendship and comradeship.
'Captain Gibson.' A soldier called loud. 'Something here for you.'
Joe left his office. Rev Reuter's sulky parked in front of the office. Rev Reuter slumped on the seat. Dead. A bullet wound through his temple. Joe took a closer look, his bushman skills taking over. Rev. Reuter murdered. 'Who would want to murder Rev. Reuter?' Joe asked himself.
After ordering the medical staff to take the body away, he ordered the doctor to carry out a medical examination on Rev. Reuter, then present a report on conclusion. With these instructions taken care of Joe contacted Lord Kitchener to advise him of the recent death. Why would anyone want this person dead? Joe thought.

Lieutenants Morant and Handcock with 'Bushveldt Cabineers' rode to Viljoen farm. Same place as Captain Hunt murdered. Lieutenant Morant found the farm abandoned. In his haste to find the culprits who murdered his friend, he pushed his troops throughout the day tracking the Boers. Just on dusk he found them camped in a ravine.
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Re: Pat Ritter. Books

Post by patritter » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:24 pm

'The Year That Never Was' - Page 76:

Joe decided to keep Hannah up-to-date with his life. He wrote:

To My Dearest Darling Hannah

I received your letter. Must have read the letter more times when each time I devoured each word until they lifted from the pages. I miss you so much. Also, my love for you has strengthened since I arrived here in this God forsaken land.
Some good news plus bad news. First for the bad news. We are at Fort Edward. Captain Hunt, who was in-charge of Fort Edward lost his life in a battle with the Boers. Lord Kitchener, British Commander in South Africa in his wisdom promoted me to Captain including Commander of Fort Edward. Yes Hannah, in little of six months in this dreadful country I've gone from a Trooper to Captain. Can't believe the changes myself. Hope you are proud of my achievements.
I promoted Billy to Lieutenant. He is the one person I trust in this place. Without him I'd be lost. I never realised how important a close friend can be in this horrid war. This war will end soon so I can return home to you.
I love you Hannah. Until next time.
Your loving husband Joe.
PS: Hannah, you'll need to address your future mail to: Captain Joseph Gibson, Commander-in-charge, Fort Edward, South Africa.

Joe addressed an envelope, folded the letter, placed into the envelope, sealed. His next duty to concentrate on ending this debacle of a war. His mind settled on the words Lieutenant Morant said before leaving. His words didn't ring true. Joe's gut disturbed his thoughts. What in heaven's name would Lieutenant Morant be up to?
As arranged the following morning Joe bid farewell to Lieutenants Morant and Handcock with their troops of 'Bushveldt Carbineers' to survey the countryside for Boers. Joe asked Billy to accompany him to his office.
'Take a seat Billy. Tea.' Joe offered.
'Yes, thank you Joe. Never knock back a good cuppa.'. Joe ordered tea for two.
'I want to discuss a delicate issue with you.' Joe stated. Billy nodded realising the true significance of their conversation to be kept between themselves. 'I've allowed 'Bushveldt Carbineers' with Lieutenants Morant and Handcock to go on patrol for a fortnight. Between you and me I think Lieutenant Morant has a alternative agenda. I think he is out to revenge his friend Captain Hunt's slaying.' Joe finished.
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Re: Pat Ritter. Books

Post by patritter » Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:44 pm

'The Year That Never Was' - Page 75:

'Do you require 'Colonial Mounted Rifles' to accompany you?'
'Not at this stage Captain. I want to scout around to determine any troubles after the debacle with Captain Hunt.'
'No issues here Lieutenant. How long will you and your troops be absent?' Joe asked trying to figure if this person was serious or not.
'I'll take sufficient provisions for two weeks.'
'I wish you luck on your endeavours.' Joe replied. Stood shook hands with his Lieutenant who returned the gesture, left the office.
Captain Gibson didn't believe a word from Lieutenant Morant's mouth. His mind left to the conclusion of revenge for the death of Captain Hunt. At this stage he'd allow sleeping dogs lie.
Joe received a letter from Hannah. He read her words so often the ink almost faded from the pages each time he re-read the letter. All was well in Cunnamulla. She mentioned her parents, moreso her father, departed Cunnamulla to assist Sir Samuel Griffiths in preparing the 'Constitution' for the nation. Her excitement through the words she wrote protracted a greater love inside Joe. His vision of his parents-in-law travelling with one of the most respected people in Queensland would make Nat a proud person. Hannah closed the letter with love.
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Re: Pat Ritter. Books

Post by patritter » Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:26 pm

'The Year That Never Was' - Page 74:

Joe wasn't convinced. His instincts told him to keep on eye on them both. He smelt trouble just around the corner.
Once Lieutenants Handcock and Morant returned to their quarters, Lieutenant Morant said, 'Our plan worked. Now Captain Gibson is in command of Fort Edward. We will have our revenge on the killing of Captain Hunt.' A smile spread across his face. His mind racing filled his ambitions.
'Leave Rev Reuter with me. Think its time I paid him a visit. He's got to be a traitor to inform the enemy on what's going on before we did.' Lieutenant Handcock stared into space. Thoughts floated through his mind deciding on his next move. 'Breaker, I have a couple of ladies I wish to visit. Cover for me until daylight.' Lieutenant Morant nodded.
Lieutenant Handcock left their quarters arrived at the stables, saddled his horse, mounted, rode at full gallop through the sentry gate waving to the soldier on guard as he galloped by. Dust left behind in the face of the sentry.
Lieutenant Morant wanted revenge for the murder of his Captain. His decision to take a band of soldiers he trusted from 'Bushveldt Carbineers' search for the murderers who slain his good friend Captain Hunt. His revenge to be completed when all were dead and buried. Leaving his quarters he returned to Captain Gibson's office.
'Come in Lieutenant Morant. How can I help you?' Captain Gibson stood on the arrival of his Lieutenant, saluted, regained his seat offering his Lieutenant a chair opposite him.
'I've come to ask a favour Captain?' Lieutenant Morant asked in his most persuasive voice.
'I'm certain to agree to anything you want if its to do with bringing a stop to this conflict as soon as possible.' Joe replied.
'This is Captain.'
'What is your favour?
'Can I take my regiment 'Bushveldt Carbineers' on patrol?'
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