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off 2 earn a crust

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Yes I'm back at the day job tomorrow and in the wee small hours I will be reminding myself that in these difficult times I'm fortunate to have full time employment. :thumbsup
Looking back I can remember a time when jobs were plentiful and if you wanted to work then you could find work, and all it brings.
Money for food money for holidays even an opportunity to save some cash :applause in the time when you even got interest on your savings 'to boot'
The good old days :yes
Now when checking out the local pages for employment opportunities it's shocking to see so few job vacancies on offer, or nearer to the truth zilch out there.
With the added hassle of just getting by and making ends meet, no chance to save any money and what with interest rates being so low there's no point in doing so :thumbsdown
The future is uncertain, I'm hoping things will get better so I'm going to drink to that right now the guests have just arrived.
A feast abound
Oh I'm so lucky and I know it
Happy days
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