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off 2 earn a crust by dub on Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:33 pm
Yes I'm back at the day job tomorrow and in the wee small hours I will be reminding myself that in these difficult times I'm fortunate to have full time employment. :thumbsup
Looking back I can remember a time when jobs were plentiful and if you wanted to work then you could find work, and all it brings.
Money for food money for holidays even an opportunity to save some cash :applause in the time when you even got interest on your savings 'to boot'
The good old days :yes
Now when checking out the local pages for employment opportunities it's shocking to see so few job vacancies on offer, or nearer to the truth zilch out there.
With the added hassle of just getting by and making ends meet, no chance...

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The Earps of Staffordshire. by Nevis on Mon Nov 07, 2011 9:40 pm
Got home from work, cleaned up last nights carnage in the kitchen and sat down to wait for the 'Virgin' repair man. Again. He came and checked the box, then fixed the telephone that he believe's got dis-connected by one of the dogs during a 'freaking out' session due to the fireworks. I'm saying nothing. :shock:
Spent the rest of the day looking for Earps in Forton, Staffordshire for a friends family tree. There are so many of them! :duh
Had some vino and settled down (after bangers and mash) to watch retro X Factor and Time Team. :thumbsup

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Happy Birthday by dub on Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:23 am
Happy Birthday to Me :cheers Another year 'under my belt' 55 years golden years :applause
In the words of the famous singer songwriter (Ian Drury) 'All I want for my birthday is another Birthday', yes bring it on :banana
I mean that if I was to get to get another 55 years I could consider myself middle aged :thumbsup
To celebrate the wondrous day methinks a take away ruby murrey is the order of the day plus a bellyful of vino tinto.
My wife at this moment is preparing a full English breakfast to get me going ...

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Tuesday 8th of November 2011. Crawley. by Nevis on Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:43 pm
Got up at half past 8 today as I have 2 days off :-D Ignored the carnage in the kitchen and did some work on a few trees. Dunked myself in the bath at 11 am only to find that the water was set to heat up again at 1.00pm so no chance of a top-up. Got out of the bath around half 12. Just finished wrapping a towel round my head when my son Jamie knocked the door "Just came round to chill" he said, and plugged himself into his laptop. He has a good job. He's off to set up the sound and visuals in a few days for the table tennis tournaments for the Olympic games in London. Did some more family tree stuff for young Bex. :thumbsup Welcomed hubby home from work, went shopping. Cooked hunters chicken for dinner. Minaz came round to chill. Djody (son) came round to chill. Lee (Son) came...

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School uniforms by Nevis on Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:30 pm
The son (Djody) :kiss came round and we were watching 'Men in Black 2' When an advert came on showing a good deal on a school blazer, shirt and trousers/skirt' offered on one of the big supermarkets. That started up a discussion about how all kids should wear the aforementioned kit, but have a special school tie. Much easier on the purse strings, and more scope to be proud of 'the old school tie' xx
I remember the shame of not being able to afford all the kit for 3 lads, so they shared, and put up with all the taunts. They all have good jobs so weren't scarred for life or anything. What do you think? How much do you pay? Do you think it's right? They should relax the rule on uniforms ( especially in today's monetary climate) :? xx

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