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A mini-mini break review... Dubrovnik (in April...)

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A mini-mini break review... Dubrovnik (in April...)

Postby mozza21 » Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:51 am

A mini-mini break review... Dubrovnik (in April...)
As a little holiday, a rest from the freezing cold of Blighty we picked Dubrovnik for our Spring Break back at the beginning of April.
We stayed 3 nights in the sea-facing Dubrovnik Palace hotel in Lapad, a little suburb north of Dubrovnik, right on the coast. Dubrovnik itself is quite small, made up of the old fortress town and located between the foot of the hills and the Adriatic Sea it hasn’t got much room for expansion. However Lapad is just a 10 minute bus ride to Dubrovnik town centre and with restaurants and glittering bays looking out on stunning sea views you can’t really go wrong.
On our first day there we planned a day in Dubrovnik old city itself. Being the warm spring day it was the tourists were out in moderate force, though we were later informed that Dubrovnik was still in off season and that the tourists still hadn’t really come yet. So be warned if you’re planning a trip in the height of summer.
Main attractions of the old city are the infamous Wall Walk, the cable car that rises over the whole town to the summit of the hills above, and the beautiful monasteries and churches all around the town...and of course the Irish Pub! To quote the song ‘The Irish Pub’ by the band ‘The High Kings’ “They've got one in Holalulu, they've got one in Moscow too, they’ve got four of them in Sydney and a couple in Katmando, so where ever you sing or pull a pint, you'll always have a job, cause where ever you go around the world, you'll find an Irish pub” To be sung in a Irish accent, as only appropriate.
The Wall Walk was a real treat though and definitely worth the money. It takes about 3 hours to complete if you stop lots to take pictures. We had a beautiful clear sunny day, so the scenery out to sea and across the town up to the hills was spectacular, and with every turn you could not help but stop and take in the divine sights. It was breathtakingly gorgeous! In addition the Wall Walk come’s with an audio guide so that you can absorb the history of the fortress the town, and of course the country itself, how Dubrovnik has always been a key strategic port in major battles, how it was damaged during the more recent Croatian war of independence.
Once the wall walk was complete, it was time for a local lager and lunch on the harbour, it’s not cheap but, its less than we were expecting, I highly recommend some seafood risotto with a side of fried squid.
Whilst at the harbour we decided to sign up to a boat tour for the following day. The coastline around Dubrovnik is littered with tiny islands, in addition Montenegro is just 30mins down the coast line, so boat tours are on offer at every turn, be sure to haggle to get a good deal.
We spent the remainder of our afternoon back in Lapad walking around the bay and picking up some cheap wine (Plavac grape) and food treats from the local shop. It was quite quiet in the area as the tourist season had not really begun yet, however, this made it more pleasant for us as the holiday felt far more relaxed and like a break. We stayed in Lapad for our evening meals, and we found a nice cosy local restaurant and sat all evening drinking the fruity Plavac red wine (my advice, stick with the lagers).
I would highly recommend Dubrovnik to anyone who is looking for idyllic scenery, friendly locals, and a generally nice vibe; just ensure you have enough to spend as it’s not as cheap as it used to be. :kiss :kiss

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Re: A mini-mini break review... Dubrovnik (in April...)

Postby missNikki » Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:05 pm

:glasses :glasses

When deciding to go on holiday with a new boyfriend there is certainly a sense of....anxiety. However, being told that it will be to the Caribbean for your birthday, you kind of loose that worry pretty quickly. After considering several islands and resorts, we decided on St Lucia and made an agreement, not to come home accidentally married.
St Lucia, those words inspire a ‘wow’ out of many people when you say you’re planning a holiday there. It’s what people think paradise should look like, and on landing and stepping off the aircraft, it was definitely, HOT AS HELL!!! Straight off the plane, and still dressed as if we’re expecting the next ice age, we we’re amateurs!, and oh how they laughed… Alright maybe I’ve exaggerated a little but I definitely heard a snigger or two.
The journey from Hewanorra airport to Rodney Bay was right across the island, so we had just over an hour drive over the mountainous terrain. Despite being so warm, and having a ravenous appetite for the pool, it was hard not to get lost in the beauty of the island. The capricious road was constantly rising and falling through the mountains, which at its highest points gave stunning views of the radiant and luscious tropical plant life.
It was raining slightly the day we landed but the driver quickly assured us not to be concerned, describing the mild drizzle as ‘liquid sunshine’ which given the sweltering humidity, it certainly made sense. Whilst the scenery outside was eye widening and jaw dropping, there was a concerning feature to our views. As the rickety old minibus careered over the mountains, we couldn’t help but notice the landslides caused by Hurricane Tomas, the roads had in parts just dropped away down the terrain but it has to be said, the locals had done quite a fantastic job of repairing them.
Once in the resort, you feel that you have been travelling for hours (8 hour flight, 1 hour transfer) and the welcomed relief of air conditioned rooms, pools, and a ‘cheeky’ BBC, banana, baileys, and cream cocktail is unrivalled. To put it eloquently, it was better breaking the seal during a night out on the town, I know you girls will understand this, as for you men, you’re lucky as you just drop your trousers anywhere ;)
Our itinerary was seven nights on the island, staying at two different resorts. The first 4 nights were to be spent at the 4* Smugglers Cove on the north of the island, and the last three nights were at 5* Sandals Le Toc. I have to admit, when considering the thought of having to move locations mid holiday, I was not convinced but, I was pleasantly surprised by the way that the last resort of the holiday, became a real treat.
Smugglers Cove had six pools, one with a swim up bar, four restaurants, and bars all over the place, not to mention a palm tree emblazoned beach, you really felt like you were in a relaxation haven.
One thing I will say, is that if you stay at any of these resorts, make sure you find out the menus, and dress codes, not just for dinner but also breakfast and lunch. I did find returning to the room at breakfast tedious, they kept sending my boyfriend back to change into a shirt. It’s just breakfast! They get you so drunk you cannot see, or as one holidaymaker did so gracefully, fall over and roll down the hill, then when you come down hung over in the morning, wearing in flip flops and a vest for breakfast, and they refuse you entry. :kiss :kiss

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