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'Old Codger'.... 'To Cadge A Lift'.

Interested in the origins of "old sayings"?
We use so many of them, passed down from one generation to another, yet we rarely know where they originate from.
If we find ourselves using one, then WWW it and post any findings!
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'Old Codger'.... 'To Cadge A Lift'.

Postby Nevis » Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:28 am

"I saw an interesting thing in the telly today" I said to Hubby :kiss
"It's something I saw on Time Team, it's about how the man who used to carry falcons in a sort of cage built around him was called a cadger, and that's where the saying comes from ...'To cadge a lift' ..... but I'll research it first". "No" said Hubby "Just put it on the site. You could be wrong, which will be interesting, it'll open up a debate".
After I had reminded him that I am never wrong :-D I discovered I was :?
It seems there are varying opinions on this saying. We'd love to hear yours. [0.14..MZAWF.png] :read

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