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The Witch Next Door. By Carol Vincent.

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The Witch Next Door. By Carol Vincent.

Postby Nevis » Wed Jun 19, 2013 1:32 pm

Chapter One.

It all began when my Mother gave me a small box of my little brother Jims toys to carry from the car, into our new home.
Mum and Dad had decided that life in the country would be much better for all of us, especially Jim, who has asthma. So one windy day in September, with the last of our belongings and our smelly old dog all nicely packed, we set off for Somerset.
Mum and Dad had been very lucky and had won £500,000 on a lottery ticket. I remember that day well. I had been up in my room furtively reading a very good book about some grisly murders, that my best friend Sonia from school had secretly lent to me (Mum and Dad doesn't like me reading that kind of stuff) and was halfway through a particularly gruesome story, when a loud piercing scream shrieked it's way up from the kitchen and into my 12 year old ears. After scraping myself from the ceiling, I ran downstairs to see what was up. Mum and Dad were dancing around the kitchen like demented squirrels. Now Dad had joined in with the screaming. Then Mum started crying and Dad joined in with that too. Mum went rushing off to find the phone, while I just stood there dazed, with my mouth hanging open.
"Megan!" cried Dad, scooping me up into a bear hug with his great brawny arms and twirling me around . "Megan, Megan Megan! ...."


:-D A work in progress.

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Green Monday on Tuesday :/

Postby dub » Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:37 pm

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