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Rons Rambles. Dorset, England.

...... :love
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Rons Rambles. Dorset, England.

Postby Ron » Sat Mar 23, 2013 5:12 pm

Up a bit late this mornin` by my standards, anyway, glad to say that icy wind has dropped at last, and whilst not exactly warm, there is an improvement, noticed some frenzied activity amongst the birds this morning, mostly pigeons, and just the one pair of doves, pleased to see these , they are now rare. The ducks have an intruder, a male of a non mallard type is trying to mate with the females, a...nd it is not going down well with the "lads". Argy Bargy!! High Jinks, free to view all down at the ancient Millpond! Must look in my Collins Guide to establish the identity of the new boy!! We have a boy racer in the village, well I didn`t get a good look at the driver, but the bugger just missed me! Then he came back the other way! at breakneck speed, just does`nt `appen` by `ere,,,,,,Stopped mid village,,,,,,,,, Did the usual this mornin`M.H. Lane, noticed myself going a bit quicker today, my legs have restored themselves, and they want action!........Music in mind , Henry Red Allens version of "Feeling Good" just the ticket.When stopped I took in the full panorama of the surrounding hills, although still a grey morn, the beauty is a joy to behold, and could a village anywhere be more beautifully sited, well I expect so, but for me, this will do.............My status is changing now, just a bit, and I wonder what to do now, a slight change is ok, will explain later sometime, and for all you lady witches out there a cottage in the main street is selling willow switches at one pound a huge bundle, ideal for the broomstick , or stirring the potions! Get to it!! And I am nearly home to a nice cuppa, From Dorzett in Wessex good day . :wave

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Rons Rambles. Dorset, England.

Postby Nevis » Sun Nov 13, 2016 8:32 pm

Rons Rambles Dorset England
A thought for Ron Watts on his Birthday :party

Ron Watts FaceBook
Ron watts facebook

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:heart Rons Rambles Dorset England
It is with deep sadness that we have to tell you that dear Ron has passed away. R.I.P :heart You will be greatly missed.

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