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It's been a long journey since the conception of mzawf way back on the 31 May 2010. Initially the idea was intended to be an airport workers forum, with a view of giving, which at that time, a voice to a disgruntled workforce. Across time passed not a great deal has changed at the 'fun factory' and the awf to boot!
After three years it's become somewhat a dinosaur awaiting a flurry of words and input. :joker Currently it has a modest amount of retro material to view. The team at :mz are still working to give the awf benefits & a focus. Our ideas are on the drawing board, watch this space !
Since that time mzawf has re branded and morphed into myZone along with friends
Currently myZone offers the opportunity to create, showcase comment and share with your own forum...

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off 2 earn a crust

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Yes I'm back at the day job tomorrow and in the wee small hours I will be reminding myself that in these difficult times I'm fortunate to have full time employment. :thumbsup
Looking back I can remember a time when jobs were plentiful and if you wanted to work then you could find work, and all it brings.
Money for food money for holidays even an opportunity to save some cash :applause in the time when you even got interest on your savings 'to boot'
The good old days :yes
Now when checking out the local pages for employment opportunities it's shocking to see so few job vacancies on offer, or nearer to the truth zilch out there.
With the added hassle of just getting by and making ends meet, no chance...

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Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday to Me :cheers Another year 'under my belt' 55 years golden years :applause
In the words of the famous singer songwriter (Ian Drury) 'All I want for my birthday is another Birthday', yes bring it on :banana
I mean that if I was to get to get another 55 years I could consider myself middle aged :thumbsup
To celebrate the wondrous day methinks a take away ruby murrey is the order of the day plus a bellyful of vino tinto.
My wife at this moment is preparing a full English breakfast to get me going ...

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Site Update

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Hi mzawfers & visitors,
It's been a rollar coaster couple of weeks her at the mzawf H.Q, what with repelling the site hijackers and countless hours working to regain control of mzawf. :thumbsup
I take my hat off to our tech people for staying on the case and supporting the cause for free :applause.
mzawf is still currently in the upgrade/maintenance stage and as with these things it don't always go to plan :no
After a tricky attempt this week on an upgrade process we found again that things went belly up and we had to lock the site due to install problems.
So we found ourselves having to reinstall a backup to get mzawf working again. ...

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update + Hijackers

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Well I must say the past 10 days have been a bit of a roller coaster here at mzawf HQ if there wasn't enough to contend with updating the site to it's new format :thumbsup
Then we have to deal with pirates/hijackers who started redirecting mzawf traffic to there advertising page :thumbsdown :thumbsdown :thumbsdown
Our mzawf techies have spent hours and hours of time resolving issues to get mzawf back to its rightful owners and firing again on four cylinders again ...

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