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Happy Birthday

Permanent Link by dub on Tue Jul 19, 2011 11:23 am

Happy Birthday to Me :cheers Another year 'under my belt' 55 years golden years :applause
In the words of the famous singer songwriter (Ian Drury) 'All I want for my birthday is another Birthday', yes bring it on :banana
I mean that if I was to get to get another 55 years I could consider myself middle aged :thumbsup
To celebrate the wondrous day methinks a take away ruby murrey is the order of the day plus a bellyful of vino tinto.
My wife at this moment is preparing a full English breakfast to get me going :applause
I have a day off of work I will spend some time on the maintenance of mzawf which appears to be functioning quite well at this time :thumbsup
Our technical mzawfers are currently ensuring that mzawf is more secure and stable, this is mainly being achieved by our chief techi who has built us a server and downloaded the whole site to it :applause Which will give us the ability to make the required changes to the site and test the changes before uploading to mzawf.
Hence we should not experience the service outages we have endured lately :applause Many thanks to the technical dept.
Signing off now to consume a plateful of calories hmmm smells good.
All of the best and happy sunny days. I got calories consume only to burn off later :punch
Join mzawf today and share in the fun and any rewards that come our way :celebrate
Its catch free and a newly developing thing :mexican