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Permanent Link by dub on Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:35 am

Hi mzawfers & visitors,
It's been a rollar coaster couple of weeks her at the mzawf H.Q, what with repelling the site hijackers and countless hours working to regain control of mzawf. :thumbsup
I take my hat off to our tech people for staying on the case and supporting the cause for free :applause.
mzawf is still currently in the upgrade/maintenance stage and as with these things it don't always go to plan :no
After a tricky attempt this week on an upgrade process we found again that things went belly up and we had to lock the site due to install problems.
So we found ourselves having to reinstall a backup to get mzawf working again. :rotfl As we move forward these inconveniences will get less frequent and subsequently over time completely diminish as mzawf gets more to grips with the phpbb /MySQL and component software :applause
Taking a look back to when mzawf was hosted by freefoums we benefited from the safety net provided by them, but now though if we make any errors in processes 'belly up' :blob8
Thanks to all those members who have stayed with us through these rocky :punch times and we welcome those who wish to join our community. :thumbsup
Still no luck winning the lottery millions :banghead but in the light of serious mzawfing :dizzy we believe the future is bright :celebrate
and so will achieve our goals and ambitions :cheers
mzawf is about sharing with others, other like-minded individuals take some time time to browse our site all suggestions and comments are both welcomed and appreciated :yes :applause
Happy Sunny days and good health :mexican
& watch this space :glasses
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