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update + Hijackers

Permanent Link by dub on Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:34 pm

Well I must say the past 10 days have been a bit of a roller coaster here at mzawf HQ if there wasn't enough to contend with updating the site to it's new format :thumbsup
Then we have to deal with pirates/hijackers who started redirecting mzawf traffic to there advertising page :thumbsdown :thumbsdown :thumbsdown
Our mzawf techies have spent hours and hours of time resolving issues to get mzawf back to its rightful owners and firing again on four cylinders again :thumbsup
All in all it looks as we are there at last :applause :applause
Luckily her at mzawf HQ we are blessed with some of the best technical brains...as for your average Joe running a site, an experience like this could be a bridge to far :dizzy.
These hackers pirates whatever they are deserve at the very least to be banned from the web as they are peddling nothing but misery and trash :punch
Anyway lots of admin and upgrades still to initiate so back to the office :read
Happy mzawfing mzafers :celebrate :cheers